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- Jaime Lim, PE, PLS
Principal & Owner
(Portland, OR)

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"When I came to America, I was just looking for a chance to make a life.  I've been working in the Portland Community since 1963, I'm excited to continue to make this part of the country a better place; one road, building or memorial statue at a time."

"I'm very proud of the professional team that I've assembled.  Our staff is one of the very best in the Northwest.  I am confident that we can help you with almost any project you can throw at us!"
- Jaime Lim
Featured Testimonial...

"Jaime's professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility helped me make a challenging remodel job feel like a piece of cake.  His team worked around the clock to help me meet some tight deadlines and GET THE PROJECT DONE ahead of schedule!  Thanks Jaime! And I tip my cap to your ENTIRE team of professionals!"
-Holly S.
Portland, Oregon


Our staff can serve your project in many different ways.

To name a few:

Structural Engineering

o        Building analysis & design

o        Retaining wall design

o        Foundation design

o        Construction inspection & oversight


Civil Engineering

o        Utility infrastructure design

         water supply

         storm drainage

         sanitary sewer

o        Transportation design

o        Project management

o        Construction inspection & oversight


Land Surveying & Mapping

o        Boundary surveys

o        ALTA surveys

o        Topographic mapping

o        Easement & legal descriptions

o        Construction staking


Land Use Planning

o        Land use planning

o        Permit management

o        Urban Design and Economic Development

o        Neighborhood Involvement /Community Development

o        Transportation/Environmental Planning (Analysis and Report Writing) 

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